116 Normal notes in January 2023

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Following are 116 SAP Notes for SAP S/4HANA Cloud of priority Normal are released in January 2023

SAP Component Note Title Released On
PS-FIO-STR 3296572 Creation of Investment projects with no investment profile 2023-01-31
MM-PUR-PO 3296168 How to use a delivery address for PO item which is different from Plant address 2023-01-31
MM-FIO-PUR-REL 3295788 Workflow is not restarting while changing the document type. 2023-01-30
MM-FIO-IV 3295555 Withholding tax tab is not displayed in app “Create Supplier Invoice” 2023-01-28
FI-LOC-MM-IN 3295502 GST IN: Implementation of custom BADI for India in S/4 HANA Cloud 2023-01-30
CA-WFD-INT 3295249 How to Delete Bank Details for an Employee Business Partner Bank in SAP S/4HANA Cloud 2023-01-27
SV-CLD-FRM-APP 3295107 “No authorization to start the UI” error raised for Define Document Number Ranges - SSCUI 101702 2023-01-27
FI-LOC-FI-KR 3295050 F5A 192 Error Message “Enter a business location” generated while posting Billing document for South Korea 2023-01-26
CO-FIO-CCA-TRA 3294899 Not Able To Check Outcomes Of Settled Orders In “Schedule Overhead Accounting Jobs” App 2023-01-26
FI-GL-GL-G 3294854 Function ENTR is not defined here in app Perform Further Valuations 2023-01-26
PP-MRP 3294709 ABAP runtime error when changing the unit in Monitor Stock / Requirements List 2023-01-26
CO-PC-OBJ-ORD 3294692 Checking Production Orders by Variance 2023-01-25
CA-GTF-MIG 3294684 SAP S/4HANA Migration Cockpit: List of Migration objects that doesn’t support parallel jobs 2023-01-25
CA-UI5-FL-RTA 3294612 Reset UI button not available in UI Adaptation mode 2023-01-26
CA-GTF-MIG 3294580 SAP S/4HANA Migration Cockpit: Migration object “MM - Source list” doesn’t support parallel jobs 2023-01-26
MM-FIO-PUR-PO-OM 3294225 Output Form when the Purchase Order is Created with workflow and without workflow 2023-01-24
PP-SFC 3294216 Error message CO028 “Backward scheduling (enter finish date) ” when migrating object Production Order (only open PO) via Migration Cockpit 2023-01-24
PP-BD-WKC 3294198 Error “The combination of changes is not allowed in a change set.” when using API_WORK_CENTERS 2023-01-24
XX-S4C-OPR-INC 3293784 Error “Active content in object “FILE0001” was blocked; rule violation “Active content found (EventHandler)”” when trying to upload a PDF to S/4HANA Cloud system 2023-01-24
MM-PUR-GF-TEXT 3293774 The purchasing order text in the material master data will not be copied to the PR if the PR is created from a sales order (MTO-process) 2023-01-25
FI-LOC-BOE-CN 3293707 The BoE couldn’t be found when doing the transaction 2023-01-23
SCM-EWM-PRN-HU 3293573 No printout for handling unit is created when using APP change inbound deliveries S/4HANA Cloud 2023-01-25
LO-MD-BP 3293527 The Field STCDT is Not Supported in Mass Maintenance of Business Partners 2023-01-23
BC-CP-BSB-POSTGRES 3293514 cannot execute UPDATE in a read-only transaction: PostgreSQL is in read only mode 2023-01-23
SCM-EWM-WOP 3293495 No Warehouse order per outbound delivery when selecting more deliveries at once in app Run Outbound deliveries 2023-01-25
CA-CPD-SS 3293471 Project Names not Displayed in Project Control – Professional Services Projects (F6869) 2023-01-23
PP-SFC-CPL 3293324 Error message C0718 when trying to mass perform TECO for production orders 2023-01-23
FI-LOC-GTI-CN 3293219 Two errors “Preferential Treatment is empty” and “Tax Classification Number is empty” occur when sending to GT 2023-01-22
LO-MD-BP-ODT 3293109 A_CustomerSalesAreaTax Raises the Error “Tax indicator with key &1 &2 already exists” 2023-01-20
FI-GL-GL-POA 3292983 In SSCUI 102713 you receive the error ACEC_S4081 2023-01-20
FI-FIO-GL-IS 3292971 Differences between ‘Balance Sheet/Income Statement ’ and ‘Balance Sheet/Income Statement - Multidimensional’ Apps 2023-01-20
CO-PC-OBJ 3292707 Different account assignment configurtion activity for Event-Based and Non-Event-Based Orders 2023-01-20
CO-PC-OBJ 3292653 Posting Date must be period end date in APP Postprocess Event-Based Postings - Product Costing 2023-01-20
MM-IM-GR 3292146 No message to prompt stock deficit when using stock determination in MIGO 2023-01-18
FI-GL-GL-F 3291943 ‘Difference Amount’ in ‘Tax Reconciliation Account Balance’ App Caused by Rounding 2023-01-18
CO-OM-OPA 3291738 Error KD331 obtained while performing settlement using app ‘Run Settlement Projects - Actual (Collective)’. 2023-01-18
CA-TS-S4 3291708 Field CompanyCode is always blank in I_TimeSheetRecord 2023-01-18
BC-SRV-APS-EXT-SL 3291421 Application can only be used in the Extensibility Development System 2023-01-17
PP-MRP-BD 3290808 Special procurement type 40 ‘Stock transfer (proc.from alter.plant)’ is not available. 2023-01-16
PM-WOC-MO-MAT 3290734 Display material availability(IWBK) in Change Maintenance Order app not showing correctly 2023-01-17
FI-FIO-AP 3290427 QR-IBAN field missing in Create Incoming Invoices App 2023-01-16
FI-FIO-AP 3290367 Batch number is missing in Manage Bank Messages App 2023-01-16
MM-IS-IC 3290209 Long running time for transaction MCB) and in background job RMCBDISP. 2023-01-13
CA-TS-S4 3290100 Searching in WBS Element field is case sensitive when creating new task in app “Manage My Timesheet” 2023-01-12
LO-MD-BP 3290012 How to Restrict Access to Business Partner Bank Details in SAP S/4HANA Cloud 2023-01-12
SCM-EWM-RF-PCK 3289922 Unable to find specific WO on Pick-Hu screen in RF environment 2023-01-25
FI-FIO-GL-TRA 3289886 “Sorry, a technical error occurred. Please try again later. Show Log” in ‘Upload General Journal Entries’ app 2023-01-18
MM-FIO-IV 3289639 Payment terms is not displayed in app “Create supplier invoice” 2023-01-11
FI-FIO-AP 3289392 House banks for selection on F4 help 2023-01-11
SD-FIO-BIL 3289147 Invalid Bill-to party error while creating Preliminary Billing Document - S/4HANA Cloud 2023-01-11
FI-GL-GL-N 3288922 Error “No G/L Accounts Selected” in ‘Synchronize G/L Account Master Data’ app 2023-01-11
FI-LOC-OVF 3288823 VIES Validation error “ VIES is: Not validated; invalid VAT number format” 2023-01-10
FIN-CS-COR 3288809 Inconsistency in Consolidation Document 2023-01-10
FI-AA-AA-E 3288608 Balance Carry forward - AA761 Fiscal year change in co.code & possible only after year-end closing & 2023-01-13
CO-PC-PCP 3288327 Upload Material Inventory Prices can’t update split valuated material price 2023-01-09
BC-SRV-KPR 3288104 Unable to attach PDF - Read error during PC upload: An error occurred when uploading to SAP Knowledge Provider 2023-01-11
MM-FIO-PUR-REQ-PRF 3288094 Restart of Flexible Workflow For Rejected Purchase Requisition 2023-01-06
MM-FIO-IM-PI 3287516 User cannot Print Physical Inventory Document 2023-01-04
FI-FIO-AP-ANA 3287388 Manage Automatic Payments - navigation on Revise Payment Proposal screen for multiple company codes 2023-01-04
FI-FIO-GL-PER 3286941 Error message “Only a single period or an interval of periods can be open” when opening a new Fiscal Year 2023-01-03
FI-AA-AA-C 3286824 Amount settlement not available for asset under construction 2023-01-03
SD-BIL-IV 3286144 “Document &: Company code & requires you to enter a tax jurisdiction code” - SAP S/4HANA Cloud 2023-01-10
FIN-FSCM-BNK 3285645 Batch status in app Monitor Payments 2023-01-13
FIN-FSCM-CR 3285624 Mass maintain Credit Segment data for Business Partner 2023-01-12
FIN-FSCM-CLM-COP-CP 3285568 Error ‘Combining values supported in Advanced Cash, single value in Basic Cash’ in app Cash Flow Analyzer 2023-01-10
PM-FIO 3285516 “Malfunction Details” in My Maintenance Request app doesn’t work for accepted maintenance request 2023-01-17
FIN-FSCM-CLM-COP-BT 3285225 Error ‘Entry missing for planning level XX for View V_T036R’ in app Make Bank Transfers 2023-01-05
FIN-FSCM-CR 3285160 Define Custom Risk Class and Score Interval for SAP Credit Management 2023-01-09
FIN-FSCM-BNK 3285159 Error ‘Payments from payment run XX XX are already awaiting approval (SAP BCM)’ in Job Template Reverse Payment Run 2023-01-06
SCM-EWM-DLP 3283873 Inbound Delivery with status as blocked because of error message: Product & subject to batch management requirement S/4HANA Cloud 2023-01-11
SD-BIL-GF-OC 3280969 Wrong ‘Open Total Amount’ is printed on the down payment final invoice - SAP S/4HANA Cloud 2023-01-09
CA-WFD-INT 3273892 No response after clicking the “Import” button in App Import Employees 2023-01-16
PM-FIO 3269066 “Do Not Release Immediately” in Manage Maintenance Plans app not working for maintenance order 2023-01-17
FI-AA-AA-B 3259111 Forecast depreciation for future years - reporting apps 2023-01-16
FI-FIO-AP 3256909 ‘Customer/vendor does not have any allowed bank details’ error in App Manage Automatic Payments 2023-01-17
MM-PUR-PO 3251672 Purchasing organization XXX not responsible for plant XXX  when creating PO. 2023-01-11
SD-BIL-IV 3249999 Customer references are not appearing in Manage Billing Documents app 2023-01-30
CA-GTF-CSC-ID 3246048 How to configure NIK in Billing Documents 2023-01-05
FI-AA-AA-C 3236884 Post Asset Acquisition not found or navigation not possible 2023-01-16
SD-SLS-SO-SL 3193020 Unable to change entries within Assign Schedule Line Categories. 2023-01-18
SCM-EWM-RF 3170318 There are only the countries versions USA and Germany when activating RF devices using Scope Items 63X, 63W and 63V 2023-01-11
X4-CBC-PRX 3151804 Country Activation Guidance in Central Business Configuration 2023-01-10
FI-FIO-GL 3138435 Deactivate or Closure of a Productive Company Code 2023-01-11
PY-GB 3136785 PY-GB: Removal of GBSXP Phase 1 AWE Processing – Additional Information 2023-01-13
PP-MRP-PR 3126574 After running MRP, the available quantity is still negative. 2023-01-19
CA-GTF-MIG 3111166 SAP S/4HANA Migration Cockpit: Lock error occurs using historical balances migration object in parallel run 2023-01-25
SD-EDI-OM-IV 3103626 EDI: Partner profile does not exist - S/4HANA Cloud 2023-01-04
SV-CLD-FRM-APP 3096394 Unable to configure SSCUIs under Orga­ni­za­tion Application area 2023-01-19
FI-FIO-GL 3094021 Manual Posting should not be done on GR/IR Clearing Account 2023-01-09
MM-PUR-PO 3080946 Return with SD delivery not possible for consignment items 2023-01-20
SD-BIL-IV-IB 3060941 Error “Item category LF TAX cannot be invoiced with billing type IV” - SAP S/4HANA Cloud 2023-01-09
MM-FIO-PUR-PO 3052849 Failed to create or save changes to the accrual object while creating purchase order. 2023-01-19
FI-AP-AP-B1 3051162 G/L account is not defined in chart of accounts 2023-01-09
FI-LOC-BOE 3047155 There is an error when creating a BoE receivable 2023-01-22
FI-FIO-AP 3042227 Payment Media not being generated for outgoing checks 2023-01-09
FI-LOC-BOE-CN 3040022 Error (Message no. 00349) occurs in app “BoE Receivable Transactions for Account -China” 2023-01-23
SD-SLS-GF-OC 2995645 Output item with type SALES_QUOTATION_CHANGE cannot be issued automatically when change is being made within the quotation - SAP S/4HANA Cloud 2023-01-04
SD-SLS-SO 2967567 Incorrect date format on sales order output FORM 2023-01-12
CA-FLP-ABA 2956275 How to specify default Fiori Launchpad theme in S/4HANA Cloud or SAP_UI 7.55+? 2023-01-11
FI-AA-AA-C 2935975 Post-Capitalization (ABNAN) raises error AA566 / AAPO012 2023-01-20
CA-CPD-SS 2917690 Integrating an External Resource (Staffing) Management System with SAP S/4HANA Cloud 2023-01-23
CA-CPD-SS 2916721 Plan Customer Projects gives error “In the context of Data Services an unknown internal server error occurred” 2023-01-27
MM-PUR-GF-OC 2900438 Missing Purchase Order Header/Item Text in Output Forms 2023-01-20
FIN-FSCM-TRM 2890639 Communication scenario SAP_COM_0333 cannot be found 2023-01-31
FI-AA-AA-C 2874065 Quantity Posting via Data Migration Cockpit (DMC) S/4HANA CLOUD 2023-01-30
BC-SRV-ALV 2848146 Variants can only be saved as User-specific 2023-01-19
FI-AP-AP-B1 2845063 CGI Identifications and configuration on XML payment format of *CGI_XML_CT and *CGI_XML_DD 2023-01-23
MM-FIO-PUR-PO-WFL 2841783 How to define new Pre-condition in Manage Workflow for Purchase orders 2023-01-11
BC-SRV-ADR 2817410 How to Delete an Address From a Business Partner in SAP S/4HANA Cloud Edition 2023-01-09
FI-FIO-GL 2775054 An entry is required in amount field for account & 2023-01-18
FI-FIO-AP 2763473 PAIN.002 received in MBC not updated in Monitor Payments 2023-01-05
MM-FIO-IV 2750903 Baseline Date does not defaulted when booking Supplier Invoice 2023-01-17
SD-BIL-GF-OC 2678898 How to get the form data XML for a billing document 2023-01-25
FI-FIO-GL 2598733 Maintain Restrictions in Business Role 2023-01-04
LO-AB 2571251 Error WAB164 when changing Settlement Document Category customizing 2023-01-18
CA-GTF-MIG 2563055 Different between source and target field length, field length 80 in the source data template file during data migration to SAP S/4HANA on Migration Cockpit (LTMC) 2023-01-04