15 Correction with low priority notes in January 2023

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Following are 15 SAP Notes of priority Correction With Low Priority are released in January 2023

SAP Component Note Title Released On
HAN-STD-ADM-DBA 3295356 Existence of log4j-2.17.0 Plugin in the SAP HANA Studio Installation Directory 2023-01-30
SV-SMG-SDD 3295038 The Service Data Viewer Does not Show the ST-A/PI data 2023-01-27
BC-FES-ITS 3294525 Allow setting initial focus on mobile devices via parameter 2023-01-31
FI-GL-GL-G 3293398 BCF: RMVCT for OIM accounts, XLGCLR accounts and automatic BCF for OIM accounts 2023-01-23
SV-SMG-SDD 3291455 Runtime Error UNCAUGHT_EXCEPTION in Function module /SDF/TECHSYS_LANDSCAPE 2023-01-18
CA-WUI-UI-TAG 3291009 HTML tags are visible 2023-01-30
FI-LOC-FI-BR-PMT 3290902 Brazilian Pix Payments in Finance: Unit test correction for CL_IDFI_BR_PIX_HB_ACCOUNT 2023-01-18
BC-DB-DBI 3284417 Internal DB error incorrectly reported as deadlock in system log 2023-01-12
FI-CA 3276563 FPRV: the maintained alternative Tax Account was not taken during reset of value adjustment 2023-01-12
BC-DB-DB4 3269885 DB4: correct character length in new for all entries implementation for ASCII systems 2023-01-26
BC-CTS-TLS 3269297 failing DELETEs in case of underscore in generic selection 2023-01-09
BC-CTS-TLS 3257347 Deletion of SOTR objects during export_like_cp2shd has led to abortion 2023-01-12
BC-DB-DB4 3256021 DB4: big to little endian conversion in new for all entries implementation on Windows 2023-01-26
BC-DB-DB2 3234732 Db2-z/OS: Usage of Unicode standard on Db2 side 2023-01-18
PM-PRM-MP 2635252 Interface Note 2023-01-06