158 Correction with medium priority notes in January 2023

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Following are 158 SAP Notes of priority Correction With Medium Priority are released in January 2023

SAP Component Note Title Released On
SV-FRN-APP-AIM 3296631 IDoc data collection filters not working 2023-01-31
BC-DWB-DIC 3295793 DD: CDS missing dependent activation due to app_merge_tasks DEPTAB handling 2023-01-31
BC-DB-DBI 3295329 Open SQL: Value 00010101 is considered as an invalid date 2023-01-30
BC-DB-HDB-SYS 3295169 SAP HANA SQL error 349 is mapped to error class DUPLICATE_KEY 2023-01-30
FI-CA-INV 3294579 FKKBIX: Long enqueue locks during CIT duplicate check 2023-01-27
FI-CA-INV 3294544 FKKBIX: Deletion periods of CIT duplicate tables are too long 2023-01-25
SUS-PFM-INT 3294380 Actual inventory data replication using CDI returns empty material group 2023-01-30
FIN-FSCM-PF 3294376 Custom Header Adjustment of MBC outbound message 2023-01-26
MOB-APP-MAO-ERP 3293580 Operation mobile status record sometimes has SubOperationNo incorrectly populated with phase model enabled 2023-01-24
LO-MD-MM 3293239 Inconsistency - Custom fields are getting cleared from Manage product master when updating other fields 2023-01-23
TM-FRM 3292968 No Local Consignment Created for Freight Order for Pickup 2023-01-20
BC-CST-MS 3292516 Message Server: fix for failing SYS_COUNTER_DUMP function module 2023-01-26
BC-DB-SYB 3292401 SYB: SAP ASE Error SQL137 Must declare variable ‘@GET_DBHOSTNAME’ 2023-01-19
CA-WUI-APF-TLX 3292296 CRM: Improvements for functionality introduced with SAP Note 3228686 2023-01-20
CEC-MKT-INT-SI 3292111 Survey Name text missing 2023-01-20
PP-FIO-MRP 3291968 Check Material Coverage App - Incorrect Shortage Quantity for Individual Segments and Navigation to Solution View not Working 2023-01-24
CA-WUI-UI 3291913 XSRF enablement 2023-01-20
FI-CA-INV 3291725 FKKBIX: Long enqueue locks during BIT duplicate check 2023-01-19
BC-SEC-SSL 3291446 Prevent TLS 1.3 Flag from Being Manually Activated in Incompatible Kernels 2023-01-23
PLM-WUI-OBJ-CL 3291243 Unnecessarily long runtime in SAP Fiori UI 2023-01-18
XX-TRANSL-JA 3291143 Correction of translation of ‘Region’ 2023-01-17
BC-FES-ITS 3290974 SAP GUI for HTML: Cumulative patch UnifiedRendering 2301 2023-01-16
BC-DB-DB6 3290869 DB6: incorrect GROUP BY in SELECT FROM ITAB 2023-01-17
BC-DB-HDB-SYS 3290851 CSdbHDBDbslStmt::getDatabaseInfo does not return any data 2023-01-20
FI-LOC-FI-RO 3290848 Romania Business Partner Classification - Program /CEECV/ROFI_BP Issues Error Message “Invalid date” 2023-01-16
CO-PC-ML 3290805 CKMLPR Prices are written for erroneous cost estimate release 2023-01-16
FI-CA-INV 3290654 FKKBIX: Deletion periods of BIT duplicate tables are too long 2023-01-18
PM-WOC-MO 3290426 Deletion of component should delete the documents from the purchase requisition item 2023-01-16
FIN-CS-MD 3290393 Incorrect company assignment after consolidation unit copy 2023-01-24
FI-LOC-AA-JP 3290298 Property Tax Report: Error Message ID_FIAA_JP_TAX (009) Is Displayed for Transfer Acquired Assets 2023-01-18
SV-SMG-MON-BPM-MON 3289983 Conversion of Monitoring Configuration Data fails for Alerting on Analytics Objects 2023-01-12
BC-JVM 3289867 SAP JVM 8.1 Patch Collection 92 (build 8.1.092) 2023-01-18
BC-FES-ITS 3289809 Webgui FSM: file not downloaded when session is closed 2023-01-12
BC-FES-ITS 3289440 Webgui Textedit: upload/download of files with the textedit toolbar buttons 2023-01-16
BC-FES-WGU 3289033 SAP GUI for HTML: Service Object (GOS) is missing with ~WEBGUI_SIMPLE_TOOLBAR 2023-01-19
BC-FES-ITS 3288813 SAP GUI for HTML: Wrong item width in Listtree if monospaced item width value is in unit pixel 2023-01-10
BW-BEX-OT-DBIF 3288698 Constant filters not handled correctly 2023-01-10
TM-FRM 3288429 Equipment Type and Group Corrections 2023-01-18
CA-FL 3288332 Oil & Gas Field Logistics Restrictions for S/4HANA CE2302(Cloud Edition) 2023-01-17
SV-CLM-OP-IM 3287974 Errors in SAP Cloud ALM Integration Monitoring Data push from S4HANA 2023-01-13
LO-MD-BP 3287945 Name1 Field is blank in the search result of SAP GUI Customer Search helps 2023-01-08
CA-WUI-BTF 3287854 TinyMCE: Email becomes frozen after clicking reply 2023-01-12
FI-GL 3287739 Clearing of customer down payment request with negative sign (19/F) is not possible due to dump 2023-01-16
BC-MID-RFC 3287704 Wrong error trace: “RFC Destination> Empty sysid or instnr somthing wrong” 2023-01-05
FI-GL-OC 3287563 Organizational Change: Transfer of TSL for balances in local currency 2023-01-10
FIN-CS-COR-DT 3287395 GRPL: missing information in FI BCF 2023-01-05
FI-AP-AP-Q1 3287326 France DRC Withholding Tax Commune, Code Postal, Bureau Distributeur Mapping for Foreign Business Partners 2023-01-10
FI-LOC-AUR-NL 3286940 DRC NL Audit File: Correction for Duplicate Accounts in GL section 2023-01-11
BC-CST-DP 3286884 DP: introduce upper limit for delay in rdisp/wp_auto_restart 2023-01-04
BC-CST-DP 3286879 DP: adapt RZ11 documenation for parameter rdisp/wp_shuffle_restart 2023-01-04
BC-ABA-LA 3286615 EXPORT/IMPORT: Incorrect data in boxed components after IMPORT statement 2023-01-04
BC-MID-RFC 3286477 Empty Destination in sm59 2023-01-03
CA-WUI-UI 3286424 Provide a valid aria-label for Input field 2023-01-18
BC-CST-UP 3286312 UPD: CLMS_ABAP_UPDATE_QUEUE Health Check improved, part II 2023-01-02
BC-CTS-TLS 3286136 R3trans error during upgrade when importing transport object R3TRENHSARC_MODELCALC 2023-01-27
CA-WUI-BTF 3285903 TinyMCE: High value unicode characters replaced with # 2023-01-11
BC-CUS-TOL-MBC 3285894 ABAP Runtime error when multiple rows are uploaded from spreadsheet 2023-01-05
BC-CST-MM 3285104 Default setting for heap monitoring 2023-01-18
CA-WUI-BTF 3284848 TinyMCE: Email becomes empty after switching back to design view by clicking source code button 2023-01-03
CA-WUI-APF 3284835 Cascading popup positioning 2023-01-30
BC-CST-DP 3283320 Attach to dispatcher shared memory with variable block size 2023-01-18
QM-FIO-PT 3283092 Characteristics Assignments Issue in Manage Inspection Plan App 2023-01-23
BC-CTS-TLS 3283014 R3trans during upgrade: returncode 16 accessing table TFDIR 2023-01-25
LO-RFM-MD-LST 3282728 Assortment Module Management: Discontinuation of Material in a Distribution Center 2023-01-17
FI-LOC-FI-ES 3282298 ES_VAT_ANNUAL_M390_NATIONAL - Changes for year-end reporting 2022 2023-01-12
BC-CST-LL 3280844 SYSTEM_CORE_DUMPED in ThWriteExtStackOfLockHolder 2023-01-18
BC-CST-GW 3279747 GW: ACL file creation via SMGW 2023-01-05
SD-SLS-EXT 3279406 Sales Document Check Before Save Business Add-In (BAdI) 2023-01-25
SV-SMG-SDD 3279191 SDCCN: Certificate Renewal isn’t triggered by Maintenance Package task 2023-01-04
FIN-CS-COR-MON 3278808 Enable CT Task in Extension & Group Currency Extension version with Manual Run Mode 2023-01-16
BW-MT-IOBJ 3278254 Short dump while activating the infoobject 2023-01-19
FI-LOC-FI-RO 3277219 DRC - RO_SPJ: doubled amounts correction 2023-01-05
CA-JVA-JVA-IF 3276811 Error KI-235 or GLT2-201 when posting an MM invoice 2023-01-11
FI-LOC-VAT-DE 3276286 DE_PAY_ADV_RTN: New format for special advance payment of VAT effective 1.1.2023 2023-01-13
FI-LOC-VAT-DE 3276284 DE_EXT_ADV_RTN: New format for permanent extension of VAT effective from 1.1.2023 2023-01-13
BC-CCM-HAG 3276120 [CVE-2023-0012] Local Privilege Escalation in SAP Host Agent (Windows) 2023-01-09
FI-LOC-VAT-DE 3275950 DE_VAT_ADV_RTN: New advance VAT return reporting format effective from 1.1.2023 2023-01-13
FI-GL-IS 3275222 Wrong opening and ending balance in Trial Balance for Year End Posting 2023-01-26
AP-CFG-LL 3274729 CUTRC: Trace für andere Benutzer 2023-01-11
FI-LOC-SAF-RO 3274713 SAF-T Romania: Correction 11 for Monthly/Quarterly Declaration for Resident Companies – SAP S/4HANA 2023-01-25
LO-SPM-INB 3274260 Inbound Delivery Change Request Returns “Handling Unit xx Already Has an Identification for Type E“ 2023-01-13
XX-CSC-HU-FI 3274107 DRC HU_VAT_DCL: Remove negative items(s) without reference 2023-01-04
FI-LOC-FI-LU 3273580 LU_VAT_DCL - changes related to reduced VAT rates in 2023 2023-01-25
CA-WUI-BTF 3271582 TinyMCE Editor: Height is different when in display mode and edit mode. 2023-01-03
BC-DB-SYB 3271189 SYB: hints for recompile 2023-01-16
PP-PMR 3270361 pMRP: Missing components because of large Base Quantity in BOM 2023-01-09
BC-CTS-TLS 3269829 error message during export with PCA tool: cannot open file … 2023-01-09
CA-WUI-BTF 3269395 TinyMCE editor: Standard response not inserted in email 2023-01-03
BC-CST-MM 3268281 Heap monitoring on Windows 2023-01-18
CA-WUI-UI 3262813 Support of the Fiori 3 – Quartz Dark theme in WebClient UI Framework 2023-01-23
CA-WUI-UI-RT 3262394 Codelist field based on CDS View displays only 200 records 2023-01-10
BC-DB-SYB 3262246 SYB: saphostctrl - Fixes + Development for SAP ASE 2023-01-16
BC-DB-SYB 3261572 SYB: saphostctrl - Fixes + Development for SAP ASE 2023-01-11
CA-WUI-BTF 3258200 Additional space in between two lines copied from Notepad 2023-01-03
BC-MID-RFC-SDK 3254958 Core Dump in classic RFC SDK 2023-01-16
BC-DB-SYB 3254614 SYB: Fault Manager: error scenarios where replication checks are failing but db connections still ok 2023-01-16
FI-LOC-SAF-RO 3254245 SAF-T Romania: Correction 10 for Monthly/Quarterly Declaration for Resident Companies – SAP S/4HANA 2023-01-19
BC-MID-RFC 3246345 rfc/sendInstNr4tt is not working 2023-01-11
BC-DB-HDB-SYS 3244609 Error class DEADLOCK is incorrect for SAP HANA SQL error 129 2023-01-23
BC-CST-STS 3244184 sapstartsrv: crash in J2EEGetThreadCallStack 2023-01-18
BC-MID-RFC 3242612 Logon via SNC from external program is not possible 2023-01-17
BC-MID-RFC 3242092 AUTOABAP RFC Call to functions e.g. AMDP_CLEANUP fails 2023-01-20
FI-AA-AA-C 3241771 KI 248 for posting of depreciations 2023-01-19
FI-LOC-SAF-RO 3241158 SAF-T Romania: Correction 7 for Monthly/Quarterly Declaration for Resident Companies – SAP S/4HANA 2023-01-19
HAN-DB-AFL-EML 3238823 HDLCM Does not Display Installation information of SAP HANA EML AFL 2023-01-20
CA-WUI-BTF 3235870 TinyMCE: Errors after applying note 3149572 2023-01-03
CA-WUI-BTF 3233065 Spellcheck button never shown as active 2023-01-03
BC-DB-DB2 3232404 Db2-z/OS: Adjustments to support of Db2 connect driver version 2023-01-13
CA-WUI-APF-TLX 3228733 CRM: Returning data from transaction launcher in case of differing hosts without domain relaxing 2023-01-27
SV-SMG-SDD 3226702 Runtime Error GETWA_NOT_ASSIGNED in Program /SDF/SAPLEWA After Update to ST-PI 740 SP19 2023-01-25
CA-JVA-JVA-IF 3224113 Error GJV_FUND-056 when posting an asset retirement document 2023-01-17
FI-CA-INV 3221451 FKKBIX_BIP: Error “No contract item was determined for external GUID &1” when requesting BITs for billing plan 2023-01-27
FI-LOC-SAF-RO 3220481 SAF-T Romania: Correction 2 for Monthly/Quarterly Declaration for Resident Companies – SAP S/4HANA 2023-01-19
CA-GTF-INF 3220336 Retrieval of data from Archives 2023-01-13
LO-RFM-MD-LST 3215738 Report to Generate Missing Listing Conditions and Master Data 2023-01-19
SV-SMG-SDD 3212101 SDCCN: Get License Data Fails from FRUN System 2023-01-19
BC-CST-LL 3207619 Timeout on Mutex operations do not work 2023-01-18
BC-SRV-AIF 3204154 AIF: Performing task - RFC 2023-01-30
HAN-DB-CLI 3165198 SAP HANA Client 2.12 Release Notes 2023-01-04
EHS-SUS-IM 3143454 EHS Incident lifecycle workflow terminates with Report Error 2023-01-11
CA-WUI-UI-TAG 3138988 No minimum contrast for focus indication 2023-01-10
FI-AP-AP-J 3133923 ACDOCA-BUZEI wrongly set for a cross-company code clearing via accounting interface 2023-01-19
SV-SMG-DIA 3133333 Collective corrections as of ST-PI 7.40 SP17 for SAP Cloud ALM 2023-01-02
BC-MID-RFC 3127135 Improved RFC ticket handling 2023-01-09
BW-WHM-DBA-ODA 3111178 ABAP CDS changeDataCapture: sql syntax error: incorrect syntax near “)” 2023-01-18
SV-SMG-SER-EWA 3056200 Adding ‘Database Connection Successful’ message to ASE FM /SDF/SYB_ATM_LOG . 2023-01-18
CA-GTF-CSC-EDO 2997537 eDocument: Change of reference document number - document number is not transferred to BW 2023-01-03
SV-SCS-S4R 2972792 Financial Data Quality: Trigger Data Collection Reports to Check Your Financial Data Quality and to Enable the Financial Data Quality Check in SAP Readiness Check 2023-01-09
BC-SEC-AUT-DCL 2968089 CDS Access Control: SYSTEM_CORE_DUMPED or ABAP_ASSERT related to “allocateAndFillDBInputValue” 2023-01-23
HAN-DB 2945239 SAP HANA Platform 2.0 SPS 06 Release Note 2023-01-25
CA-WUI-UI 2934039 Removing css rule 2023-01-10
HAN-DB 2926700 Performance of Parallel DMLs and SELECTs on Same Column Store Table 2023-01-26
CA-WUI-BTF 2904990 TinyMCE: Standard response inserted in wrong place after note 2894951 2023-01-03
CA-GTF-CSC-EDO-PT 2903113 Portugal Transport Registration: Enhancement of eDocument Cancellation in ‘Communicated’ Status 2023-01-16
CA-WUI-BTF 2894951 TinyMCE: Special characters such as emojis causing application dump 2023-01-03
CA-WUI-BTF 2881483 TinyMCE: Fixing issues related to line spacing and cursor position 2023-01-03
HAN-DB 2844322 SAP HANA Platform 2.0 SPS 05 Release Note 2023-01-11
CA-WUI-BTF 2838246 TinyMCE: Cursor position and line spacing issues after note 2814062 2023-01-03
CA-WUI-BTF 2814062 TinyMCE: Fixing issues related to empty lines and cursor position 2023-01-03
EHS-SAF-RCK 2732835 SVT: Long runtime for online check in sales order 2023-01-11
FI-CF-AC 2722993 Central Finance: Transfer of Dunning Run Information 2023-01-24
XX-PROJ-FI-CA 2675087 Collection agency: Deletion of tables for information and submission file 2023-01-17
CO-PC-ACT 2659584 Temporarily disabling the C+704 error message in S/4HANA 2023-01-25
CO-PA 2658087 Lots of RFC_HOLD processes during update to profitability analysis 2023-01-24
FI-CF-APR 2652596 Central Payment: Down Payment Navigation in the Source System 2023-01-25
XX-CSC-JP-FIAA 2652539 Multiple Impairment Postings of Assets in S/4HANA Releases 2023-01-08
FI-CF-INF 2633832 Technical Changes for Central Finance, Release 1809 2023-01-23
CA-MDG-APP-FIN 2629729 Development 2023-01-31
CO-PA 2621905 KE24N - raises error message “No layouts found” 2023-01-19
BC-CCM-HAG 2617351 SAP Host Agent MaxDB: Metric LAST_DATA_BACKUP_RETURNCODE reports 9999 2023-01-20
FI-CF-AC 2615469 Account-Based COGS Split Relevance in Central Finance - Source System 2023-01-25
CO-PA 2615238 KE28: Performance improvements 2023-01-03
CO-PA 2612039 KE28: Lock is not displayed in transaction KE28L 2023-01-20
SCM-APO-PPS-ERP 2609363 PP/DS on S/4 HANA: BAdi methods for order creation / updation in Simplified Publication 2023-01-02
BC-CST-WDP 2009483 PSE Management in Web Administration Interface of SAP Web Dispatcher 2023-01-23
BC-OP-S390 1887279 DB2-z/OS: sapdbctrl: Prerequisites and Configuration 2023-01-24
BC-OP-LNX-LENOVO 1880960 Lenovo Systems Solution for SAP HANA Platform Edition FW/OS/Driver Maintenance 2023-01-12
PP-BD-RTG 1432951 Tr.CA02/CA03: Performance Issues 2023-01-09