27 Correction with high priority notes in January 2023

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Following are 27 SAP Notes of priority Correction With High Priority are released in January 2023

SAP Component Note Title Released On
LO-AB 3294418 Long time taken to process agency business documents 2023-01-27
BC-CST-IC 3294194 Header fields with trailing white space are rejected with HTTP/2 2023-01-26
BC-DWB-TOO-SFW 3293124 SFW: Wrong Check for client functions, if SF02 is transported 2023-01-23
BC-BW-ODP 3292129 ODQ_CLEANUP General error in the operational DeltaQueue area 2023-01-20
BC-DWB-DIC-AC 3291978 Import of new CDS View and new package in one request: Activation fails with “Package does not exist” 2023-01-19
CA-VCM 3290840 Validation of business object item operation before CHANGE event processing in VCM 2023-01-16
BC-SRV-ALV 3289919 ALV list - runtime error OBJECTS_NOT_CHARLIKE 2023-01-13
FI-LOC-SAF-RO 3288089 SAF-T Romania: Correction 16 for Monthly/Quarterly Declaration for Resident Companies – SAP S/4HANA 2023-01-27
CA-WUI-UI-TAG 3276908 Web UI table structure not perceptible by JAWS due to improper accessibility attributes 2023-01-16
CA-WUI-UI 3275828 X-Content-Type-Options response header is missing 2023-01-03
QM-IM 3275479 Wrong messages of inspection settings check when changing material in “Manage Product Master Data” 2023-01-20
BC-DB-HDB-POR 3268172 [CVE-2022-41264] Code Injection vulnerability in SAP BASIS 2023-01-23
HAN-DB-ENG 3259146 Unexpected Result With Hash Join in HEX 2023-01-20
HAN-DB-ENG 3247177 Unexpected Results When Temporary Table Gets Joined with Partitioned Table 2023-01-30
BC-DB-DBI 3226495 dbs/hdb/join_with_fda_hint_off ignored during DB connect 2023-01-24
FI-LOC-SAF-RO 3226318 SAF-T Romania: Correction 4 for Monthly/Quarterly Declaration for Resident Companies – SAP S/4HANA 2023-01-19
BC-DWB-TOO-ATF 3219253 ATC: Display Check Failures in ADT for ATC Runs 2023-01-26
HAN-DB 3150260 Indexserver Crash at partitioning::RangeTreeSpecOptimizedTrexTypes::DaydateAttributeValue::findValue() 2023-01-31
BC-CCM-SDM 3098061 SDMI: Enabling Retrigger the Finished Cross Client of migration and prerequisite handling for WAITING migration 2023-01-05
BC-CCM-BTC 3077171 SDMI: Waiting for not relevant migration and job activation for SWPM case 2023-01-05
HAN-DB 3028036 Long Running DTX consistency check due to removed volume 2023-01-02
FIN-CS-COR-IS 2953379 Validation Universal Journals task log might be blocked 2023-01-13
HAN-DB 2922700 SAP HANA 2 SPS04 Revision 048.00 2023-01-02
HAN-DB 2832967 Performance Degradation When Using Input Parameters on Hierarchies via MDS / MDX 2023-01-02
SCM-EWM-DLP-SF-ID 2717584 Production order relevant tolerance check does not work 2023-01-30
CA-DMS 2558586 Dump occurs in CV03N via Fiori launchpad 2023-01-24
HAN-LM-INS 2055470 HANA on POWER Planning and Installation Specifics - Central Note 2023-01-30