30 Recommendations / Additional Info notes in January 2023

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Following are 30 SAP Notes for SAP S/4HANA Cloud of priority Recommendations / Additional Info are released in January 2023

SAP Component Note Title Released On
HAN-DB-HA 3287731 SAP HANA System Replication Data Shipment Failing Always at Same Percentage With ‘rc=110: Connection timed out’ 2023-01-05
HAN-DB-ENG-MDS 3287726 Performance decrease in SAP HANA 2.0 with EPMMDS binaries “Internal Version” 1.00.202221.06 2023-01-17
HAN-DB-CLI 3287066 SAP HANA Client 2.15.19 2023-01-09
HAN-DB-SDA 3285190 SDA - Creating a Virtual Table For an Oracle Remote Source Never Finishes 2023-01-11
HAN-DB-SDA 3284913 SDA - Frequent Scriptserver Crashes Caused by GBQ ODBC driver 2023-01-08
HAN-DB-SDA 3283100 SDA - Create Virtual Table Towards MSSQL Remote DB Fails When DB Name Includes a Period 2023-01-08
HAN-DB-ENG-MDS 3275758 “Average”/“Count” exception aggregation not working as expected in SAC / MDS 2023-01-09
PP-SFC-ES 3275525 Misleading Information on SAP API Business Hub 2023-01-30
BI-RA-PA-APL 3270503 New APL Release: APL 2303 2023-01-24
FIN-FSCM-DP-DP 3264749 Custom Determination of L2/L3 Information in Payment Card Settlement Run 2023-01-05
EHS-MGM-INC 3263482 OSHA 300A Report does not contain the correct count of injured persons and injuries 2023-01-24
HAN-DB-CLI 3259609 SAP HANA Client 2.15.17 2023-01-09
SD-BF-ACT 3255027 Allowed Types for Custom Fields in Account Determination 2023-01-25
BC-OP-AIX 3231842 AIX kernel 789 with 64K page size default 2023-01-11
XX-S4C-OPR-INC 3228477 SAP S/4HANA Cloud 2208 and SAP Marketing Cloud 2208 - Patch Collection Information Note 2023-01-19
HAN-DB-CLI 3210156 SAP HANA Client 2.13 Release Notes 2023-01-04
BW-WHM-DBA-ODA 3191461 CDI Services with ‘$2’ 2023-01-25
HAN-DB-PER 3147465 Schedule LOB Garbage Collection Periodically at Fixed Times 2023-01-02
HAN-DB-ENG-MDS 3139162 EPMMDS: New processing Engine (CPC) 2023-01-24
HAN-DB-ENG-MDS 2994816 SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC) results changed in version 2021.02 (or newer) when compared to a SAC version earlier than 2021.02 2023-01-04
HAN-DB-SDA 2883059 SAP HANA Spark Controller - How To Enable Traces 2023-01-15
HAN-DB 2833789 Moving Tables in a SAP HANA Scale-Out System Using Online DDL Functionality 2023-01-02
BC-BMT-WFM 2813272 Transport of S/4 HANA Workflow in a cloud environment 2023-01-23
EHS-MGM-INC 2751912 Person search returns different users in EHSM Incident Management 2023-01-26
HAN-DB 2628775 Log Segment Consistency Check During Log Backup 2023-01-20
BC-UPG-PRP 2337629 Replacement of target release kernel in update procedure 2023-01-20
BC-JVM 1682104 SAP JVM medium/large page support on AIX 2023-01-13
BC-JVM 1240081 Java Cryptography Extension (JCE) Jurisdiction Policy Files 2023-01-19
BC-CST 604495 SM02: Always display system messages as of Release 6.x 2023-01-12
FI-GL-GL-G 392221 SAPF103 should post with original document date 2023-01-09